Quick Peek at the Art of Atari

by Aarti Couture for the Carl Kruse Blog

The Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino is a 354 page, hardcover masterpiece for gamers and non-gamers everywhere. Atari is one of the most recognizable names in the world.  Since the company was formed in 1972, it has been responsible for creating some of the most iconic games including Space Invaders, Asteroids, Yar’s Revenge, Missile Command and many more. It was also responsible for exposing many people to video games for the first time.  A little known fact about the company is that they commissioned original artwork to enhance the experience that was Atari. The Art of Atari is the collection of this artwork, sourced from private collections across the world and spanning more than 40 years. In the Carl Kruse Arts Blog, there is a longer piece on this book, which included unique illustrations used in the packaging, advertisements, catalogs, and more.

Carl Kruse Blog - Art of Atari Book image
The book itself at the Carl Kruse office

The Art of Atari includes behind the scenes details of how the featured games were illustrated and either approved or rejected as well as the process to bring them to life. Atari created hundreds of games for arcades as well as home consoles, each with unique, commissioned artwork. The artwork in most games is what catches the eye at first, yet it was the developers who got all the glory. Art of Atari changes that. Chats and other information in the Art of Atari highlight the artists often forgotten when we look back at the history of these video games. This book cheers those who crafted the beautiful imagery that appeared on and off screen. Those few pixels inspired gamers the world over to play countless hours on end.  Whether you are a collector, enthusiast, art fan or gamer this book is a piece of gaming history that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter if you played an Atari game or not.


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Retrofitting Classic Cars with Electricity

My friend Fraser Hibbitt takes a quick look at retrofitting classic cars with electric power trains. – Carl Kruse


The fossil fuel industry must be phased out if countries worldwide are to tackle the overwhelming force of climate change. The draining of crude oil for our cars has seen checks in both the UK and the EU – all newly manufactured cars will have to operate on electricity by 2030 in the UK and by 2035 in the EU. Cars of old will still roam, perhaps just becoming more conspicuous as to their sound and to the breathing of their exhaust pipes.

The slim soundless cars of electricity embody the long perspective on climate change quite fittingly. They are clean, quiet, and the electric battery is more efficient than the internal combustion engine (ICE). The change, of course, is welcome news to sustainability; it is an undeniable step that must be taken.

Curiously enough, the change has provoked a ‘decadent-like’ focus on aesthetics. The ‘futuristic’ look of many electric-powered vehicles doesn’t stir the same imagination as a classic, loud-engined, look of say a Dodge Charger, a Corvette.

Come now. This beauty now has an electric motor.

The top-down approach of government mandate has produced a bottom-up ingenuity in dealing with the aesthetic problem. It is called Retrofitting. This enables classic cars to be refitted with an electric battery and the problematic ICE done away with, thus keeping alive a nostalgic aesthetic which continues to find reception above the new.

Technological improvement works hand in hand with evading our upcoming crisis. Advancements in battery power and efficiency continue to improve, and because of this, projects such as retrofitting are becoming a by-product of this trajectory. Retrofitting reminds us that as we press forward, we need not leave the past behind; it can stir us to remember and recollect what we find worth holding onto.

Retrofitting is a perfect example of new life in the midst of an old life waning. The transference of new age motors to the old is symbolic of the work needed to be done in our age, offering too, economically, a new avenue for mechanics in the field who will begin to feel the test of change.   

The re-fashioning of classic cars shows two things: resilience and a bowing down to necessity. Classic cars without the sound may be an eerie sight, but it also keeps alive the beauty of these crafted cars that still perform an elegant role. It is an age of transition in which the exploitative must needs be curbed, but that does not mean human craft, ingenuity, and the forms that capture our attention needs be stumped.

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SETI Talks on UAPS Coming Up

by Carl Kruse

It was confirmed, in 2017, that there existed a defense program in the United States that consisted of collecting data on UAP sightings. ‘UAP’, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, being the updated acronym for a ‘UFO’. Three years later, the United States’ intelligence committee voted for the Defence department to publicly record and analyse data on UAP. The discourse around this event seemed to centre around a kind of ‘military anxiety’ rather than anything to do with an extra-terrestrial threat.

A year after the push towards public recording of UAPs, a preliminary, unclassified, report was published by the U.S. Department of Defence. The report included images and videos taken by U.S. military personnel. They are explicit in stating they found objects which they were unable to identify, and of these unidentified objects, many that featured strange flight patterns. Again, there was no overt linking of these UAPs with anything extra-terrestrial, and, indeed, why should there be?

Photo: U.S. Navy

The public, and cultural, discourse of linking unidentified flying objects with extra-terrestrial technology is inundated with over a century’s worth of hoaxes, pseudo-science and conspiracy theories. It makes it difficult to establish a clear public report without the influence of this larger cultural attitude.

Nevertheless, the 2021 report published by the U.S. Department of Defense, also called the Pentagon UFO report, brings a stabilizing force of authenticity and veracity. If science hails itself as the objective mode of investigation into understanding unexplained phenomena, then the two ought to go hand in hand. Once the aspect of extra-terrestrial life is taken away from the equation, the discovery of UAPs becomes less shadowed by science-fiction, and becomes a ponderous unknown.

Carl Kruse has teamed up with the SETI Institute to sponsor a chat this coming Wednesday at 7pm Pacific time to tackle the question as to whether UAPs are worthy of scientific scrutiny. A press release for the event is here.

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Acts of Kindness During Covid

The first pandemic we’ve seen in a long time put a spotlight on some of the best, and worst of humanity. We witnessed selfish acts of panic buying, hoarding, and individualism that trumped public health, yet we also saw strangers moved to kindness and altruistic acts worldwide.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead once talked about a discovery that she believed proved a point in time where our altruism started to form a society. On a 15,000-year-old dig site, a broken and then healed femur bone was found. This is the earliest evidence we have of people taking care of others as they healed from a long-term injury rather than leaving them behind. 

From that point forward, cooperation and compassion started to form an entire system where we would live and work together, often making sacrifices to keep everyone together despite any disabilities or hardships they had. Here are some examples of kindness humans showed each other during one of the darkest times in recent history. 

  • Teachers and school administration staff worked to make sure every student had access to the technology needed for virtual education and free food for breakfast and lunch while they worked from home. 
  • Community members in an apartment in Italy started to sing to each other from their balconies. 
  • People used social media platforms like TikTok to raise funds to leave massive tips for food service workers and delivery drivers. 
  • People all over broke out their sewing needles and fabric to make each other masks when there was a shortage of PPE. 
  • Distilleries around the world switched from making alcoholic beverages to hand sanitizer to fight the spread of germs. 
  • People made sure their elderly home-bound neighbors didn’t run out of food and were able to pick up medications. 
  • Birthday parades became popular and sometimes people from the neighborhood and even first responders would look for parades they could join to make a kid’s birthday special. 
  • People made self-care packages for people in isolation who had been exposed to the virus. 
  • Doctors and nurses set up iPad visits between sick patients and their loved ones and stood by the bedsides of strangers so they wouldn’t have to be sick or die alone. 

While we saw many videos surface of people being selfish and childish about mask-wearing, or ripping the last roll of toilet paper away from someone’s granny at the market, we saw a lot of good, too. Hopefully, we can take some of this kindness with us into 2021 and beyond. 

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Start Online Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Geographical locations are no more a barrier, thanks to the advent of the internet with different online business ideas cropping up to explore the opportunities the internet world has to offer says Carl Kruse.

That is to say, there are more than millions of online jobs out there, however, With 8 out of 10 online businesses packing up after years of initiation, you might want to commit to the right one that is meant for you.

You have the skills, the knowledge, including all the time in the whole world. Then, there will always be problems and people will always be on the lookout for solutions. The question is how can you help solve these problems?

Not to forget that most of the these jobs require minimal investment, easy to set up, and amazingly your business is available 24/7.

Now, whether you are looking for a side gig or a main job, here is an article to get you started on the promising online businesses to drench your hands in 2020.

Carl Kruse, a successful entrepreneur, and business consultant is here to walk you through the best online business ideas to adopt in 2020.

1. Start Online Tutoring/Coaching

If you are a person with valuable knowledge in a specific niche or subject that will like to share the knowledge to change people’s lives or meet specific needs, online tutoring promises to be a good one.

The online tutoring market is growing at a fast rate and millions of people are already making waves in this space, what is holding you back?

Google anything from how to lose weight to how to learn English fast and you will see tons of information.

You can as well start one-on-one tutoring with students and get to know them on a deeper level than what the normal classroom offers. This includes their fears, desires, needs, that can give you insights on how to approach their needs and grow your online business as well.

Niche tutoring such as guitar learning, drone driving or sports activities such as golf is also lucrative ones that can be considered.

2. Start a Consultancies Online Business

From large enterprises to SMEs, every online business is always on the lookout for expert advice to get going in the competitive marketplace. Who wants to be a backbencher or failure in the first place?

This is a great opportunity for experts and professionals with knowledge and experience in finance, law, investment, and many other fields such as health, medicine, education and so much more.

“There will always be a huge demand for consultants as businesses are always looking for advice on how to promote products or services and increase profits.” Carl Kruse says.

Moreover, wellness and fitness, relationship and life, and career experts are also not left out. The fact is, everyone wants to be successful and we are all looking for advice on how to sail through life and make a mark.

3. Online Marketplace

While it might look like the eCommerce market is already crowded, this is not necessarily the case and there are more opportunities out there that can be explored.

If there is anything you are good at and you don’t mind putting your skills to practice, niche products such as costume jewelry, paintings, art items, and other handmade items are unique, making them one of the most popular items being bought online.

Moreover, consider selling second-hand products. Most people wouldn’t mind buying electronics, clothing, furniture and other things that are still in good condition.

Being an eCommerce reseller can also be a good way to start. You can simply purchase and resell goods online.

Thanks to various stores such as Shopify, BigCommerce, eBay among others that are making things simple says Carl Kruse.

Source: Business Ideas

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Topics for Entrepreneurs

Topics for Entrepreneurs in 2020

Your business is not an island. It definitely exist in an environment (both internal and external) that can make or mar your business. Political and economic issues, technological innovations, employees, customer needs and expectations, (to mention but a few) are forces or factors that work together to affect a business. According to Carl Kruse, profitability, performance, growth, and even survival of businesses lies in these factors for entrepreneurs.

What does this mean? The surrounding environment will keep changing so do your strategies and ideas need to. Savvy entrepreneurs who want to see a surge in business growth and be ready for whatever the environment throws at they need to keep up with the trends. No two ways to it, this is the formula for a successful business in this year.

Carl Kruse, a successful entrepreneur, compiles the hottest topics for entrepreneurs in 2020. Let’s dive into it.

1. Entrepreneurs Must Think Global and Act Global

With the political issues brimming the atmosphere and causing tension in every industry, diversification and optimization is the way out. It is no surprise that businesses are playing it safe this year while looking for ways to tap into opportunities elsewhere. Not only diversification in the area of services or product, but also diversities in operation. A workforce that is highly diversified in the areas of education sex, nationalities, will help drive your business forward. Business should be looking for ways to innovate, increase efficiency, and grow. If you aren’t seeing your business in a global level yet, you might have to start now!

2. Entrepreneurs can Maximize Operations with Technology

As an entrepreneur, you must constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and maximize your operations says Carl Kruse. From products to services, to marketing, to supply-chain, innovations must be the heart of your business. There are a lot of tools and technologies businesses can avail of to optimize resources, improve efficiency, and saves time says Carl Kruse.

3. Make Work Culture a Priority

If you want to extract the best out of the employees and make them stick with you for a longer time, work culture is very vital. The people working for you matter, and ensuring employee engagement is one of the key factors to business growth. One way to go about it is to appreciate the employees based on performance and motivate them to do more. Plus, promote cordial relations and team building. Seek for their personal growth while working towards the common goals of the organization. Provide a flexible work environment and autonomy. Here are a few of the ways to promote a healthy work culture that will lead to satisfied employees and increase productivity. Make your business a home to the best talents.

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Carl Kruse-International Audiences

Expand your Business using International Audience

Want to grow your business and reach new audiences? Go international! In this era of globalization with a highly competitive market, taking your business from local to international is a sure bet in driving sales and growing business. Herewith is Carl Kruse – a successful entrepreneur and a well- known business consultant who have been helping business and organizations grown for the past 25 years.

Carl Kruse shares the reasons why international audiences can help fasten business growth. If you are yet to take the plunge, here are reasons you should.

1. Reach New Customers

Small business owners are afraid of going global because of the risk involved. Thus, the aim is to keep it safe. However, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities and growth if this is you. It is time to join the winning team and reach new customers- says Carl Kruse.

Moreover, if you are an already established company in your base, it’s high time you take the business globally and generate more revenues. Not only that, you are building your reputation globally.

2. Achieve Economies of Scale

Expanding your market means buying more from your suppliers or producers. The more you place orders, the more suppliers give discounts or reduce prices. Therefore, reduction in prices will lead to more profits, and ensuring business growth.

3. International Audiences will lead to Expansion of Market

With international marketing, organizations can generate more revenues and increase their customer base. This is made cheaper with the help of social media platforms and websites to reach the target audience and maintain good rapport.

Besides, with the growth of E-commerce, customers have access to various products and services anywhere in the world. Marketing is also made easy and affordable for businesses. Make use of e-commerce to drive more sales.

4. International Audiences as a means for Business growth

A means to tap into new markets opportunities, get different streams of income, gain a competitive advantage over competitors, offset risk and diversify, or partner with other firms abroad. The list of opportunities presented by international trade are endless says Carl Kruse.

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Components of Business Growth

Effective Steps to Grow your Business

What makes the difference between a booming successful businesses from a host of others? Well, the key is the strategy they deployed. In order to increase sales and generate more revenue, there are essential methods that need to be incorporated which results in Business Growth says Carl Kruse.

It’s no surprise to business owners that only a few of them were able to reach their annual business goals. The good news, however, is that your business can be among the few that are setting the pace in the business world.  All you need is the knowledge and learning of basic components to get you started.

Here are basic points mentioned by Carl Kruse to get you started and achieve your business growth goals.

1. Market Penetration Strategy

The idea is to increase the market share on an existing product by increasing the number of percent of units of a product or services in an existing market. Fast-growing companies increase market share by reducing the price of the product in the face of keen market competition. A reduced prices equals to increase sales. You can also make use of discounts, promo, employing various marketing tactics for business growth.

2. Market Development Strategy for Business Growth

According to Carl Kruse, an effective method of growing a business is to expand the market. Searching prospective markets where needs can be met and penetrating it will not only increase your sales but also fasten business growth. Ensure you conduct research on the new market to know their needs before scaling your way through.

3. Product Development Strategy

Communication with the customers is the key to understanding the needs and making necessary product modifications accordingly. This entails some research and development to make new products, modify existing products or introducing new product lines. When the needs of the customers are being met, there will be an increase in sales.

4. Diversification for Business Growth

According to Carl Kruse, a more risky strategy of business growth is to introduce new products or services into a new product. To ensure success, the company must find out the needs or wants of the new market and then kick off with the new products.

Another way of diversification is the acquisition of a new business or company offering products or services that differ from yours.

5. Evaluate and Adjust the Value Proposition

Customers are definitely the main priority when it comes to business expansion and growth.  What is the value of your product in the market? What are the gain and pain points? How can you add value to the market? Understanding and review of these will help a business have a clear focus on how to increase the value proposition.

One way to evaluate this is to build and maintain the trust your consumers have in you and your brand. Furthermore, be informed on the things posing as threats, and the opportunities that your business can avail of.

6. Research before Committing

The saying he who fails to plan, plan to fail still holds firmly in the world of business. Many businesses fail due to inadequate research before embarking on business or entering a market.  Never conclude on the market needs without conducting a research. Understand the needs, the market trends, your competitor and what they are doing before you begin.

Final Words

According to Carl Kruse, the business growth of your business lies in your hand. With thorough research and implementation of the right tactics and strategies, you can scale your way to success in no time.

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niche market

Carl Kruse Miami | Find a Profitable Niche For Your Startup

Have you eternally conceived of turning your passion into a business? Might be yes, there would be thousands of business ideas bursting in your head says Carl Kruse, an Entrepreneur from Miami. You may really have some transcendent abilities and proficiency in solving the complex problems that others won’t occupy. But do you have a niche yet, though? A niche market is the one way to stand out from the crowd.

So herewith an experienced entrepreneur – Carl Kruse, let’s explore how to find a niche market for a business startup.

1. Think About Your Passions and Pursuits

According to Carl Kruse, the route to startup success may be long but it is clear if you are passionate about it. So ask yourself about your skills and potential, give some time to yourself so that you can think about what’s good in you. Take time to reflect on your areas of interest as inherent niche market ideas. Ask questions to yourself, such as how you will react and conquer the problems? What thing are you interested in learning? What do you like to do in your free time? What skills come naturally to you? Try to think and solve these questions considering your business’s niche market.

2. Focus on Human Needs and Desires

Unluckily, discoveries don’t happen just where people know they want it. Many examples can illustrate it. Such as in the past, peoples do not have any idea of the internet through which they can remain connected with information all around the world. The same goes for the business, instead of solving problems that people already know focus on the new ways to meet essential human needs and desires.

3. Research the Competition to Find Your Niche Market

Before consecrating your time and energy on building or setting up a brand new business, search for your competition. According to Carl Kruse Miami, there are some simple ways through which you can track down your competition. The first step will be measuring the market by looking at industry trends, blog posts, and press coverage. The second step will be knowing about which areas they are investing in. The third step will be becoming a customer and try out there product’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, one can use competitive research tools such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Amazon, and ClickBank.

4. Determine Your Niche Market and Its Profit

Determining a niche is one of the major steps of finding a niche market for your startup. So if you are giving your time and resources to a market, then it must have the capacity to become profitable. Some of the factors that need to be considered while settling the niche are – Cost, Output, Shopper Preferences & Interests, Client Demographics, and Client Discovering.

5. Test Your Idea

This is the last step in which you have to validate your idea. Initially, you can reach out to your network of friends and acquaintances to see if they would be interested in your new product or service. Evaluate your sales results, if you find that you have ended up with a bunch of sales, then that’s a great validation of your niche market. Then, you can create a simplistic website or landing page for your business so patrons can find you and research your business.  And if you find that your idea is not working then don’t just give up. Research more and find another key from where your product or marketing could be enhanced.

Final Words

So these were the steps of finding a niche market for your startup explored by Carl Kruse – a 25 year experienced entrepreneur and a business consultant. And niche marketing will help to target a specific kind of customers and also results in reducing business competition.

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rebranding business

Carl Kruse | Rebranding Tips & Strategies

According to Carl Kruse, if you are planning to rebrand your business and you think a new logo or website design is enough for rebranding, you might be wrong. Most entrepreneurs think the success of any business is its brand. No doubt this is true, but how you build your brand or rebrand your business makes all the difference. Even your marketing strategies to promote your brand also play an essential role in the success of your business.

So here are a few questions that you must consider before rebranding a business. Let’s discuss with Carl Kruse.

Why Do You Need To Rebrand Your Business?

Everything has a reason, including rebranding a business. Either you want to rebuild your positive image in front of your customers or you have changed or introduced your product line. In both the situation it makes sense to create a new brand experience. If you have disappointed your customers, changing a logo won’t help. Instead, you need to find out the reason and prepare strategy accordingly.

How Much Will It Cost for Rebranding?

Here the meaning of the cost is not about the expenses. Rather it is about the value we put in our brand the emotions that connect the audience to your brand. According to experts including Carl Kruse, your brand is your identity, it speaks about you and your business. Therefore, when you rebrand your business, you change the identity and feelings are attached. Even if it is your goal it may diminish most of the positive value your brand has built so far. So make sure you consider this point while preparing a strategy for rebranding.

What’s Your Story?

The brand is your story you tell to people. Probably the most important thing to consider while creating a brand is deciding who you are, and how you want to be recognized by your customers. According to experts including Carl Kruse, people never believe in connecting with businesses, they actually connect with stories. Therefore, it’s necessary to craft and convey the story you carefully that speaks about your value and services.

In simple words, your story must consider the story you want to tell your customers about you, your business, and your product/services.

Will You Connect With Your Potential Client Through Rebranding?

Business usually when build marketing strategy their motive is to connect the brand with the audience. So when you plan for rebranding your Idea make sure you consider every aspect of the brand experience. These include overall marketing message to the details like website, communication policies, and more. Also, evaluate how to craft each piece in a way that creates a connection with potential customers.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter how good your website or logo looks, if your website is not making conversions, you need to change your brand strategies. These are the few necessary tips from Carl Kruse that you must follow if you are planning for rebranding your business. If you want to know more how to brand your product or business and to implement successful marketing strategies, you can write below in the comment box.

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